1. Workshop on 3D data processing for built heritage and archaeology: laser scanner and other low cost solutions

Workshop on 3D data processing

The Workshop aims to illustrate a complete digital workflow for 3D data processing starting from laser scanner point clouds and 360° images acquired using low-cost cameras. The first part of the workshop will be dedicated to on-site instrument illustration and data acquisition with participants. Second part will be divided in i) a brief overview of the digital workflow for case studies already conducted by the instructors and ii) a tailored hands-on session. Participants will be encouraged to work in small groups in order to produce 3D deliverables such as orthophotos, Digital Elevation Models, texturized models as well as CAD drawings such as section, plans and elevations.

The workshop addresses mostly the needs of archaeologist, architects, engineers and other professionals working on built cultural heritage but anyone interested is welcome to join. No prior knowledge of advanced surveying and modelling techniques is necessary, all activities will be fully assisted by the instructors.

Luigi Barazzetti, Assistant Professor, Dept. ABC – Politecnico di Milano
Dr. Riccardo Valente, Politecnico di Milano
Branka Cuca, Assistant Professor, Dept. ABC – Politecnico di Milano

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Colleagues that would like to organize a specific workshop please express your interest until 28th of February 2018 (refer to New Key Dates).

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