Our cartography and geovisualization equipment is at the forefront of technology, enabling us to deliver comprehensive and insightful spatial analyses. At the core of our toolkit are powerful GIS software platforms that facilitate data management, analysis, and visualization, allowing us to unlock the full potential of spatial data.

In the realm of aerial data acquisition, we leverage state-of-the-art UAVs such as the DJI M350 and DJI L2 LiDAR sensor. These platforms enable us to capture high-resolution imagery and precise terrain data, which is essential for accurate mapping and 3D modeling. Additionally, our aerial capabilities are further enhanced by the P1 camera, which provides exceptional image quality and detail, and the MicaSense multispectral camera with 10 bands, replicating Sentinel bands for advanced vegetation analysis and environmental monitoring.

To immerse ourselves in the data and enhance our understanding, we utilize VR-AR headsets, enabling us to explore spatial information in immersive virtual environments and augment our analyses with real-world context.

Supporting our data processing needs is a high-performance computer system, equipped with advanced processing capabilities and ample storage capacity. This ensures efficient data processing, allowing us to extract valuable insights and deliver actionable results to our clients and stakeholders.

With this comprehensive suite of equipment and software, we are equipped to tackle complex cartographic and geovisualization challenges, delivering innovative solutions and driving informed decision-making across various industries and applications.