Cartography & Geovisualization Lab

CartoGI Lab harnesses cutting-edge technology, including drones, AR-VR tools, and GIS, to craft immersive 2D and 3D representations. These visualizations serve as powerful tools for enhancing comprehension and fostering knowledge construction of spatiotemporal phenomena across various geographic and cartographic scales. By leveraging innovative technologies, we aim to facilitate deeper insights and understanding of complex spatial dynamics, ultimately driving advancements in geographical and cartographic research.

Collaborating across diverse fields such as Coastal Mapping, Environmental management, Geoheritage management, disaster response, and cultural heritage preservation, CartoGI expert researchers strive to leverage spatial data to tackle real-world challenges and guide informed decision-making. Through our dedication to innovative research and collaboration, we endeavor to unlock the full potential of cutting-edge technology to create visual 2D & 3D representations to facilitate thinking, understanding, and knowledge construction about spatiotemporal phenomena at all geographic and cartographic scales.